Patent: Burner Module & Integrated Gas Burner

A patent for a novel gas/air burner (Patent number: US2018320895A1), published by the United States Patent Office in 2018 and available here.


A burner module that can be used in combusting an air/fluid fuel flow is described. The burner module may be incorporated in an appliance. The burner module comprises a burner face comprising catalytic material for combusting the air/fluid fuel flow and a perforated screen having a plurality of micro-perforations where the perforated screen is positioned upline to the burner face to increase combustion; an integrated gas burner for connection to a pressurised fluid fuel flow where the integrated gas burner comprises a burner module and a gas train. The gas train comprises (a) an ejector for entraining air with the fluid fuel flow; and (b) a diffusor for converting the air/fluid fuel flow kinetic energy into pressure and for performing flow expansion.